Common Questions for Businesses

1. Do we have to use your email Launchpad or other touch points? No you don’t, but keep in mind each of the touchpoints (methods of distributing your Grabbr Campaigns) are tracked and analytics are reported on user activity all within the Grabbr platform. Use your own methods of distribution, just realize we only track those that we sell within our system.

2. Can we create multiple Grabbr Campaigns on a regular basis? Yes! We recommend you create as many as you like. Here are some examples of methods of distributing these campaigns (see question #20)

3. Can we A/B test campaigns to see which ones bring a better result? Absolutely! Do A/B testing by cloning an already created campaign and editing the cloned version. Then launch both of them and measure the different analytics against each other.

4. Why would we use Grabbr when we already do digital marketing? Grabbr is the first psychographic based organic marketing platform available that leverages one customer to create another one.

5. What does Psychographic based organic marketing mean? Psychographic based organic marketing is the quantitative methodology that is built into one consumer marketing to another consumer of like interests. The “other” consumer may not be of like demographic on paper, but due to the personal connection of the initial consumer to the “other” consumer, there is a known interest in the product or service being referred.

6. What is the difference between Grabbr’s Pay-Per-Share Marketing and traditional Pay-Per-Click target Marketing? Pay-per-click marketing stops with the transaction of one consumer. In Pay-Per-Click marketing, that one consumer is searching for the product or service that is connected to the ad that they find and “click” on. Conversely, in Pay-Per-Share Marketing, the consumer finds the product or service from their friend and is incentivized to engage with a reward in exchange for sharing the same product or service with their friends. The process continues until friends stop engaging. Pay-Per-Share marketing allows consumers to tell like-minded friends their buying behaviors. Businesses only pay for each person who shares the business’s message with their friends.

7. Do you offer any type of loyalty program? We have a partner, TL Connects, who does. We can send you information on TL Connects and how Grabbr will be integrated with them fully in May 2018.

8. Can this integrate with my POS/CRM system? Not directly. However if your company moves forward with our platform as a white labeled solution, we absolutely can.

9. How does this platform generate lift in sales? We believe that the most powerful way to motivate buying behavior is the recommendation of a friend. Our platform facilitates the recommendation of a friend digitally by making a “share” a currency to gain access to a reward. Customers aren’t just sharing their behavior. They’re sharing their behavior along with an invitation for their friends to do the same.

10. What‘s different about this product versus all of the others we’ve seen in the marketplace? – FIRST TELL ME ABOUT WHAT OTHER PLATFORMS YOU’VE SEEN OR USED.

a. Each of our clients will have a dedicated member of the Grabbr team assigned to them to aid in the onboarding process and determine what they need to roll out the most successful campaign.

b. Our platform is the only platform in the market that facilitates rewarding consumers for sharing on behalf of a business. Since consumers can share anywhere they wish, our platform then tells the business in real time on which social platforms they should focus their time and money. (email/text/social media)

c. We’re a plug-and-play model and do not require that a customer download an application in order to use our system.

11. How much does it cost? **Each client cost is different. We have multiple touchpoints — methods of distributing Grabbr Campaigns — and we charge for some of them. CLICK HERE to tell us more about your business and one of our team members can help you find the right solution.

12. Do I have to give my product or service away or just discount? It depends on your product/service. The reward that you give away must be significant, or customers will not go through the process of sharing in exchange for it. If they can find it elsewhere, it’s not strong enough. The Grabbr team can work with your team to identify the best rewards. If you use the technology to embed on your website, a lower discount per share is needed for success.

13. Am I going to have to give away a reward that will cost me a ton of money? Our job is to increase the frequency of your customer visits and increase your revenues — not decrease them! That’s why you have a dedicated representative of our company assigned to you to ensure that you’re not giving away business and your customers are perceiving added value. The goal is to select a reward that will, over time, create lift in engagement and ultimately sales.

14. How do we measure ROI? The good news is that you only pay-per-share! Each time someone shares, you pay and you only pay for the people who are sharing!

15. Should I launch a campaign to just one social site to measure the overall value? No. We recommend launching your campaign everywhere possible. You want every customer out there to tell their friends about your products and services. If you do this, our system will measure which social platforms your customers actually prefer engaging with your products and services.

16. Can we customize the platform for our usage? Yes! If you sign up as a white label client, we can customize your experience.

17. How does Pay-Per-Share work? It is very similar to Pay-Per-Click in that businesses set their campaign budgets and when consumers share their message, their cards are charged. When the campaign reaches its budget, if the business has set an auto-increase, the budget will automatically increase by that amount and the campaign will continue. If they don’t have an auto-increase, the campaign stops and Grabbr allows the business to manually increase it or stop it there.

18. What are the guidelines for standard asset sizes for rewards and shareable images? For some tips and size recommendations CLICK HERE.

19. What results should I expect from using Grabbr? Every client is different and it depends on the methods used for distributing Grabbr campaigns.

20. What are the methods of distribution businesses use for their Grabbr campaigns? There are many methods of distributing Grabbr campaigns. Companies have even gone so far as to wrap 18-wheelers with QR codes and marketing messages with attached Bluetooth beacons inside and drive around highly populated metropolitan areas for nearby consumers to gain access to their Grabbr campaign. Here are popular methods of distributing Grabbr campaigns:

1. Social Media — Businesses leverage their existing followers to engage in getting a reward in exchange for sharing their message and engagement link.

2. Email — Businesses leverage their existing email list to engage in getting a reward in exchange for sharing their message and engagement link.

3. Website/App Full Integration (White Labeled Solution) — Businesses re-brand Grabbr in their own apps and websites by creating a “share-this-to-get-this” opportunity for customers to get rewarded in exchange for sharing messages and engagement links with their friends, fans, and followers. In this regard, customers don’t even know it is powered by Grabbr. In many cases, businesses simply call it their social rewards program.

4. Bluetooth Beacons — Businesses can contact Grabbr here to purchase Grabbr Bluetooth Beacons. Bluetooth beacons emit a signal to smartphones with a business’s Grabbr campaigns. Any consumer with Chrome Nearby on an Android smartphone within a 200 meter radius of this beacon will have a notification show up on their phone that invites them to click to unlock the reward they are offering.

5. SMS Keyword Marketing — Businesses can contact Grabbr here to purchase a keyword for consumers to text to a shortcode that we give them.

6. Print — Businesses that spend their budget on mailouts can measure the efficacy of those mailouts by attaching Grabbr campaigns to them. By printing QR codes and SMS Keyword Marketing on the mailouts, businesses not only find out which consumers are engaging with their mailouts, but drive those consumers to share in exchange for a reward all stemming from the mailout itself.

7. Shelf-Talkers — Many retailers will print out shelf talkers that have QR codes and SMS Keyword Auto-response messages to inform shoppers of an available promotion or discount offered on Grabbr.

8. Table-Talkers — Restaurants will print table talkers that have QR codes and SMS Keyword Auto-response messages to inform customers of a sweepstakes or discount offered through Grabbr.

9. Rewards Kiosks — Grabbr has a partnership with TL Connects which provide kiosks to companies with high traffic in their locations. Customers can enter their first name and cell phone number on these kiosks at checkout to receive opted-in text messages with the weekly/monthly deals and promotions. Every text that goes out to clients will have 2 offers. One simple offer and one greater offer which will be a Grabbr campaign. These text marketing campaigns have a 98% open rate and clients are seeing a 25% return rate from lapsed monthly customers.

10. Website/Blog Integration — Upon creating a campaign, Grabbr auto-generates and displays on the launchpad the code to embed individual campaigns into a business’ website or blog. Since businesses drive all traffic back to their website/blog, this is one of the best sparks for notifying customers of a Grabbr campaign that the business has created.

21. I don’t like the colors of my campaign product page and reward page. Can I change them? Yes! You can contact us here and request a semi white label solution for a pilot and a Grabbr team member will be in touch with you shortly to accommodate.

Common Questions for Grabbrs
(people who share in exchange for rewards)

1. I can’t find my reward. What do I do? Contact the help desk by clicking the blue "Help" button on any page.

2. Who can I contact for support? Email

3. I already shared to unlock a reward. Why do I have to enter my email address? When you share a reward, it unlocks the reward. You have the opportunity to enter your email address for Grabbr to send you an email with a download link of the reward. This ensures that you don’t lose the reward. You don’t have to enter your email address if you don’t want to unless it is a sweepstakes. If it is a sweepstakes then the only way to enter to win is to enter your email address.

4. Why do I have to share to unlock rewards and sweepstakes entries? Many bloggers and social media groups have giveaways and require followers to do things such as share in order to enter to win something. This automates that process and makes it easy for businesses to do more sweepstakes like this without having to manually track people who enter to win. Sometimes businesses only require you enter an email address to win. Other times, they will require you to share to unlock an entry. In this case you will simply share their message and then enter your email address so they know who to contact in case you are the winner!

5. Why isn’t Facebook available for me to share in exchange for a reward? Facebook used to be available. Their algorithms are ensuring less and less people organically see shares and posts. They also announced on July 17, 2017 that any and all incentivization was against their development policy. We are respecting that policy. Businesses can launch campaigns to Facebook from their dashboard within Grabbr. They can also create and launch Facebook and Instagram ads through the Grabbr platform. Consumers simply cannot share organically to Facebook in exchange for a reward. Other share opportunities are Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Email (2 friends), Text (2 friends), and Google+.

6. My download link didn’t work — what do I do? Please contact our customer support through the "Help" button, or email

7. Do I have to share to claim a reward? Yes, when you see a pop-up telling you to share to unlock a reward you must share before you can access that reward.

8. It seems like the system takes a really long time to “verify” my share on text. Why is that? Grabbr uses a verifying software that actually tells Grabbr in real time if a text was sent to a real cell number. Waiting on carriers to respond back with the verification can take about 20 seconds. To protect our business clients we’ve put this in place to guard against consumers who would want to attempt to “cheat the system” by entering a non-valid mobile number to send the text to in exchange for claiming the reward. Unfortunately, even though this probably isn’t you that would attempt to cheat the system, it is because of those “other people” that we have systems in place like this to guard against.

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