About Our Company

In an ever-changing digital world, 90% of entrepreneurs and businesses use social media to market their business, but 86% of them don't know how to measure their Return on Investment.

Grabbr is a platform that uses “social currency” to market businesses while revealing exactly where their advertising dollars have the largest impact, and which social channels they should be spending their time on engaging fans.

Creating something so revolutionary didn’t happen overnight. It started with a BETA platform called BookGrabbr. On BookGrabbr, authors and publishers could upload their content, and invite readers to come and read it in exchange for sharing on social media.

Authors and publishers gained new readers, organic marketing, and access to detailed analytics.

Within a year BookGrabbr had 44,000 books, 62 publishers, one of the largest publishing companies in the industry, and one of the largest self-publishing companies reselling the platform to their authors. 51% of these authors were internationally based.

All of this happened within the first year of BETA, without a significant marketing budget.

In 2016 BookGrabbr received an offer from a team of Hollywood executives to license the technology for use in the movie industry. The BookGrabbr team immediately started working on a platform that took the concept of BookGrabbr and translated it to every industry. So they dropped the “Book”, and called the platform “Grabbr”.

Now, anyone with a product or service can create a simple, customizable marketing campaign using the Grabbr launchpad, which can publish on up to 195 social sites. Grabbr also has an email portal, which can send campaign invitations to any marketer’s entire email list.

Once launched, the campaign appears in their social followers’ newsfeeds...or inboxes, allowing them to access content in exchange for sharing it to a platform of their choice. This action multiplies exponentially as their friends continue to share it.

While campaign invitations travel the world, our algorithm calculates the value of followers on each social channel. It measures organic engagement between social platforms and even reveals the percentage of fans on each platform that are displaying signs of buying behavior. By using the Grabbr email portal, Grabbr can reveal if a marketer’s email list, or social followers are more valuable.

Along with publishing clients, Grabbr is working with multiple fortune 100 companies, celebrity based businesses, and one of the largest conglomerates in all of Asia.


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