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Marketing at the Speed of Social

A recursive social marketing platform that gives you a LIFT in all the right places!

What Is Grabbr Recursive Marketing?

Grabbr Recursive Marketing does not push individuals to purchase products or services or become new customers. Rather, Grabbr Recursive Marketing is the art of incentivizing individuals to become marketers themselves by recursively forwarding your message or offer to their friends, followers, and connections via SMS, email, or through social networks — and encouraging and inviting those friends, followers, and connections to do the same.

Recursive Sharing Tree

It's As Simple As 1-2-3...


A Marketing Post


Attach A Digital


To The World

Only Pay For Results

We use a Pay-Per-Share Model

Track Real-Time Analytics

Intelligent Metrics
Keep You On Top

What Types Of Rewards Can I Offer?

Almost Any Type Of Digital Reward Including...

e-Books, Music, Coupons, Videos, Sweepstakes

The Better The Reward, The More Likely Your Post Will Be Shared.

Digital rewards can be used to incentivize behaviors, drive conversions or user actions, provide recognition for accomplishments, or reward loyalty. Grabbr gives you the tools you need to LOCK a Digital Reward inside your marketing post. Consumers can UNLOCK the reward by engaging with your post.

How It Works

How It Works Full
How It Works 1

How It Works 2

How It Works 3
Beyond Digital: also use physical touchpoints to encourage in-store consumers to be ambassadors and motivate their friends to engage with products or services online. Our "Brick-to-Click" marketing strategy bridges the gap between physical and digital retail spaces to increase online activity and sales.

Multiple Touchpoints To Help Engage Consumers







A Touchpoint is simply any point of contact between a buyer and seller. With Grabbr, you can launch your marketing campaign directly in front of buyers with any of our Touchpoints including email, text message, website integration, on hundreds of Social Media sites, Bluetooth Beacons, in-store Kiosks, shelf-talkers, event ink-stampers, and much more.

Unlocking the Power
of Recursive Marketing

DARPA Red Balloon Challenge
Unlike many rewards marketing programs where customers are rewarded only for making purchases, or many referral marketing programs where customers are rewarded only when those they recruit make purchases, a recursive marketing program rewards customers simply for sharing information with their friends, and rewards their friends for doing the same, and their friends, and their friends, and their friends...
The 2009 DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Network Challenge was a prize competition for exploring the roles the Internet and social networking play in the real-time communications, wide-area collaborations, and practical actions required to solve broad-scope, time-critical problems. In the competition, teams had to locate ten red balloons placed around the United States and then report their findings to DARPA. Due to the distributed nature of the contest, many teams used online resources, such as social media sites, to gather information or to recruit people that would look for balloons. Even though DARPA was prepared to deploy the balloons for a second day and accept submissions for up to a week until a team found all 10 balloons, the MIT Red Balloon Challenge Team won the competition in under 9 hours. (Source: Wikipedia.org)

MIT, the winner of the DARPA challenge, subsequently determined that "The key to mobilizing large numbers of people is incentives." Read the article Searching for balloons in a social network on the MIT website for details about the study, the methodology behind the winning strategy, and insights about mobilizing people networks through a strategy of recursive incentivization.

"We live in this web of social relationships, and a lot of what we do and the satisfaction we derive comes from the web of social relationships. So if you want to get people to coordinate or change their behavior, you have to first and foremost deal with the existing web of relationships, rather than treat people as isolated individuals."

Alex "Sandy" Pentland, director of the MIT Human Dynamics Laboratory

Unleash your brand potential by using Grabbr's

Platform As A Service (PAAS)

and your brand can have a private label marketing platform with full reseller capability.


Getting Started
Is Easy!

8 Step Process

The Consumer Experience

What Happens When A Consumer Clicks On Your Campaign?

Consumer Exp 1


Consumer Exp 2


Consumer Exp 3


Consumer Exp 4


The Process Repeats As It is Shared Creating The Potential For A Viral Message.

Grabbr gives you exciting new

Metrics and Analytics

Our Grabbr Reveal will show the social channels where you may want to spend more time growing fans, and which channels are the most engaged.

Campaign Blockchain


Campaign Blockchain

As recent history shows, there is now more than ever a need to "Trust But Verify" the data, metrics, and analytics provided by social platforms and digital marketing campaigns.

Campaign Blockchain is designed to create an immutable ledger that validates the connections between what is shared organically and the actions and behaviors of those who engage with what is shared recursively down their social pipelines.

Campaign Blockchain will help identify and analyze data from the most valuable "social chains" generated by your campaign activity.

Affordable & Scalable Marketing Platform

Grabbr Platform Pricing


Volume and transactional pricing for large scale initiatives.
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Assigned Campaigns
  • Unlimited Campaign Collaborators
  • Social Media Launchpad
  • Campaign QR Code Generator
  • Custom Website and App Integrations
  • Real-time Analytics API
  • Custom Analytics
  • White Label UX
  • Email Collection
  • Dashboard Access to Assigned Campaigns
  • SMS Keyword Marketing
  • SMS Reward Kiosks
  • 24/7 Development Support

All Campaigns are built on Grabbr's Pay-Per-Share model which means you only pay for results. Physical touchpoints such as beacons are sold separately for each account. Our in store kiosks are meant for organizations with more than 20 brick and mortar locations. Grabbr offers Service & Support Plans, plus in-house marketing and social media plans.

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Grabbr now offers a Private Label Solution for Large Organizations.


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